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War Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual civil, military and campaign medals, and commemorative medallions. Below is a selection of our latest British military campaign and war medals for sale. WW2, WW1 medals, civilian awards and foreign medals are listed separately (see links on the left). All medals we sell are original.


Grenadier Guards Afghanistan OSM Operational Service Medal Afghanistan Clasp and Iraq 2003 group of three to GDSMN GRENADIER GUARDS. Plus box of issue and Certificate of Service. NOTE: Iraq medal is a named replacement, original lost / stolen. £375
RAF Gulf War 1991 and LSGC Medal Pair Gulf War 1991 and Royal Air Force LSGC Medal Pair to CPL SOLD
Royal Observer Corps Medal Pair QEII Observer Corps Long Service Medal second type, with bar, named to CHIEF OBSERVER F. CALAGHAN. Plus WW2 Defence Medal £320
Leicestershire Regiment Korea Medal Korea Medal Pair. British (Type 1) named to 19038771 PTE.J.A. BURGESS. R.LEICESTERS. (Corrected regt. spelling Leicestershire Regiment) £225
RAF Northern Ireland Kosovo LSGC medal trio QEII General Service Medal with NORTHERN IRELAND clasp RAF LSGC and NATO KOSOVO medal, first two named to CPL D T STEVENSON (L8208504) RAF (Royal Air Force) £140
Northern Ireland Medal Pair to AGC QEII General Service Medal with NORTHERN IRELAND clasp to 25038396 LCPL G M F ADAM AGC (SPS) Adjutant General Corps £85
South Atlantic Medal RFA Fort Grange 1982 South Atlantic Medal to RNTS SA11 RFA Fort Grange £700
Iraq 2003 Medal With Clasp Iraq 2003 medal with clasp to PTE DWR (Duke of Wellington's Regiment - West Riding) in box, with recipient photo £320
Afghanistan Operational Service Medal to RLC Operational Service Medal with AFGHANISTAN clasp to LCPL RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) £250
Queen Victoria First Version LSGC Medal Victoria Army LSGC medal (1837-1855 version) impressed naming to JAMES ANDREWS, CORPORAL 1st REGIMENT FOOT 1847 (Scots Guards) £295
India General Service Medal - Highland L.I. India General Service Medal with clasp PUNJAB FRONTIER 1897-98, impressed naming to 3511 PTE G. MITCHELL. 2nd HIGHLAND L.I. (Highland Light Infantry) £195
QSA Medal 6 Clasps 13th Hussars Queens South Africa Medal, TUGELA HEIGHTS, RELIEF OF LADYSMITH, TRANSVAAL, OFS, 1901 and 1902 clasps (6), to 3537, Pte. E.MEAD, 13/Hussars. £275
QEII Territorial Efficiency T&AVR Medal Boxed QEII Territorial Efficiency Medal with T. & A.V.R. bar to 23221526 SGT. N. CRAVEN RE. (Royal Engineers). With original box. £95
Africa GSM With Kenya Clasp to RAF QEII Africa Service Medal with KENYA clasp to T.P.R. MUTURI. KANYI. £95
S.E.ASIA 1945-46 General Service Medal to A.S.C.  George VI General Service Medal, S.E.ASIA 1945-46 bar to T/14968744 DVR. D. BROADBENT. R.A.S.C. (Royal Army Service Corps) £100
George VI Malaya GSM to RAMC George VI General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 22171712 PTE. E. JONES. RAMC. (Royal Army Medical Corps). With Original box and portrait. £100
QEII Malaya GSM QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 23416367 PTE. R. THOMPSON. LOYALS. (North Lancashire Regiment) £80
Malaya GSM  QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 4101098 L.A.C. D.O. WOOD. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £70
Malaya GSM RAF  QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 579726 ACT. SGT. J.H. PINNONS. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £75
General Service Medal Cyprus to RAF QEII General Service Medal, CYPRUS bar to 1927847 CPL. D.W. HARRISON. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £75
  South Arabia Campaign Service Medal - RAF QEII General Service Medal, SOUTH ARABIA bar to JNR TECH J J BARON (4248524) RAF £80
GSM South Arabia and Northern Ireland Clasps to RAF QEII General Service Medal, SOUTH ARABIA and (loose on ribbon) NORTHERN IRELAND bars to M0687623 JNR.TECH. C.B. MOORE R.A.F. £160
Northern Ireland GSM - Royal Green Jackets QEII General Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar to 24645189 RFN D A SLAYMAKER RGJ (Royal Green Jackets) £100
Northern Ireland CSM - Royal Anglian Regiment QEII General Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar, court mounted to 25108813 PTE J CRUNKHURN R ANGLIAN (Royal Anglian Regiment) £100
Northern Ireland GSM - Duke of Wellingtons Regiment QEII General Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar to 24863903 PTE M GRATTON DWR (Duke of Wellington's Regiment) £100
Northern Ireland GSM - Queen's Lancashire Regiment QEII General Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar to 25115807 PTE R G BROOKES QLR (Queen's Lancashire Regiment) Plus Named Box £100
  Northern Ireland GSM - Royal Air Force QEII General Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar to SAC. J.D. THOMPSON (H8091962) RAF (Royal Air Force) SOLD
Army LSGC to L/BDR F.J. CHALLINOR Royal Artillery QEII Army LSGC to 23467345 L/BDR F.J. CHALLINOR RA. (Royal Artillery) £60
Rhodesia Medal 1980 1980 Rhodesia Medal, unnamed and with "COPY" under suspender. £45
National Service Medal Pair National Service Commemorative Medal and Japan Occupation Forces Medal pair court mounted. Japan medal named to J.M.R. WEBBER (ex-LT RAOC, court martialled in 1952) £35
Berlin Airlift Silver Medal Unofficial Berlin Airlift Silver Hallmarked BAOR Medal £48
General Service Cross Silver Medal Unofficial General Service Cross Hallmarked Silver Medal £39
Suez Canal Silver Medal Suez Canal Commemorative Hallmarked Silver Medal £48
UK National Service Medal National Service Commemorative Medal, named to 240927 LAC FROST CAE. 1947-1950 RAF. £25
Battle For Britain Medal Battle For Britain Commemorative Medal in case, with RED CROSS clasp, unnamed as issued. £20
Battle For Britain - Holland Medal  Battle For Britain Commemorative Medal in case, with NETHERLANDS clasp, unnamed as issued. £20
Victoria Cross Copy Medal  Victoria Cross Museum Quality Copy £25

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£6.95) / International Signed For (£10). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£2.60) at buyer's risk or First Class if under £20 (£1.50). Overseas rates on request.

We accept payment by UK cheque, bank transfer or cash (all main currencies), and overseas payments through PayPal.

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