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WW1 War Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual military and campaign medals, and commemorative medallions. Below is a selection of our latest World War One medals for sale. Please note all medals are original, and in good condition. Please ask for pictures if required, we will be pleased to oblige.

WW1 MEDALS FOR SALE (April 2014)

Canadian 47th Infantry Medal Group Military medal group of three to 47th Canadian Infantry, 464687 SJT M.F. BECKWITH. 47/CAN: INF: KIA 1917. From Wolverton, Buckinghamshire. SOLD
Sergeant Culshaw KIA South Lancashire Regiment Framed WW1 1914/15 Star Trio + Memorial Plaque to 1977 SJT J. CULSHAW South Lancashire Regiment. With badges and photo. £395
  1914 Star and Bar Group WW1 1914 Star and Clasp Trio + WW2 Defence, named to 10996 CPL. J. TAYLOR. R.LANC.R. (Royal Lancaster Regiment) Listed as P.O.W. £325
Royal Navy WW1 LSGC Group WW1 / WW2 Royal Navy LSGC group (6) to 217993 W.D. SHEPPARD. A.B., R.N. On LSGC P.O. HMS EXCELLENT £195
Royal Navy Reserve  WW1 1914/15 Star Trio + Royal Navy Reserve LSGC group to C.3566 A.J. CANT. SMN. R.N.R. (Royal Navy Reserve) £130
Royal Fleet Reserve - Corbyn WW1 Pair named to J.54518 W. CORBYN. SIG. R.N. (Royal Navy) + Royal Fleet Reserve LSGC to SS.125786 (PO.B, 14218) W. CORBYN. STO.1. R.F.R. (Royal Fleet Reserve) £125
Mercantile Marine Medal - Aitken WW1 Mercantile Marine pair, named to THOMAS M. AITKEN, a ship's master. With research. £120
WW1 1914 Star & Clasp Trio to 42406 GNR: E. HOWITT. R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery) + Metal I.D. Tag £175
WW1 1914/15 Star Trio to 16430 SJT. A.W.WEBB. WELCH R. (Welsh Regiment) £115
WW1 1914/15 Star Trio to 5506 PTE.W. LESLIE. R.HIGHRS (Royal Highlanders) £110
WW1 1914/15 Star Trio to GS-689 A.C.SJT. C. BOFF. R.FUS. (Royal Fusiliers) £95
WW1 1914/15 Star Trio to C.Q.M.SJT.F.OAKLEY. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) £95
WW1 1914/15 Star Trio to 1484.SJT.A.W. ANDERSON. R.A. (Royal Artillery) A-BMBR R.F.A.on Star. £85
WW1 Pair, named to 27108 A CPL. E.A.HULME. CHES.R. (Cheshire Regiment) KIA Mesopotamia 1917. £115
WW1 Pair named to PW.1594 PTE. L. DOWNES. MIDDX R. (Middlesex Regiment) + WW2 War, Defence and 1939-45 Star (5). £85
WW1 Pair named to J.57536 H. MARSHALL. A.B. R.N. (Royal Navy) + George V Special Constabulary to HARRY MARSHALL £65
WW1 Pair to 36400 PTE. G.H. SACKER. R.S.FUS.
(Royal Scots Fusiliers)
WW1 Pair to 33296 PTE.T. PORTER. E.YORK.R.
(East Yorkshire Regiment)
WW1 Pair to 5122 PTE.J.V. CLOUT. GLOUC.R. (Gloucestershire Regiment) £55
WW1 Pair to L-15669 SJT.T.A. ERVIN. R.FUS. (Royal Fusiliers) £55
WW1 Pair named to 54966 PTE. J. HODGE. M.G.C. (Machine Gun Corps) SOLD
WW1 Pair named to 37818 PTE.J.D. SMITH. YORK & LANC.R. (York & Lancaster Regiment) £55
WW1 Pair named to 26981 CPL.A. TATAM. L'POOL R. (Liverpool Regiment) £49
WW1 Pair named to 22324 PTE. D. DEAN. R. LANC. R.
(Royal Lancashire Regiment)
WW1 Pair named to 72894 PTE. W.R. GOSS. DURH. L.I. (Durham Light Infantry) £49
  WW1 Pair to 8858 PTE. F.R. BENNETT. R.FUS.
(Royal Fusiliers)
WW1 Pair to 7922 PTE.W.H.PRITCHARD. CHES.R. (Cheshire Regiment) SOLD
WW1 Pair to B-200818 PTE.T.C.GRIDLEY. RIF.BRIG.
(Rifle Brigade)
WW1 Pair named to J.89241 W.H. NORMAN. ORD. R.N.
(Royal Navy)
WW1 Pair named to J.73493 A.R. PARKER. B.TEL. R.N. (Royal Navy) £45
WW1 Pair named to 155313 SPR. W. SYKES. R.E.
(Royal Engineers)
WW1 Pair named to 102311 DVR.J.LEAMAN. R.A. (Royal Artillery) £40
WW1 Pair named to 65912 GNR.W.HOLDER. R.A. (Royal Artillery) £40
WW1 Pair named to T-328105 PTE. V.N.WALKER. A.S.C. (Army Service Corps) £40
1914 Star to 8834 PTE H. BAKER. 1/D. OF CORN.L.I.
(Duke of Cornwall Light Infantry)
  1914-18 War Medal to F.25997 A. T. HOWELL. A.M.2  R.N.A.S. (Royal Naval Air Service) £45
1914-15 Star medals, various names, units From £30
1914-18 War Medal, various names, units From £25
1914-19 Victory Medal, various names, units From £15
WW1 Memorial Plaque (pierced at top) named

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£6.75).  Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£2.50) at buyer's risk. Please ask for overseas rates or combined rates for multiple items.

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