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British Medals For Sale

Nottingham Medals buy and sell war medals, war medal groups, individual civil, military and campaign medals, and commemorative medallions. Below is a selection of our latest British military campaign and war medals for sale. WW2, WW1 medals, civilian awards and foreign medals are listed separately (see links on the left). All medals we sell are original.


Heavy Brigade Crimea Medal Crimea Medal with three clasps including BALAKLAVA to 1st Royal Dragoons (1007) PTE ALFRED LOCKE of Nailsea. (Heavy Brigade) with copy of service docs. POA
Chin Hills Medal India General Service Medal with CHIN HILLS 1892-93 clasp, thin flowing script naming to 1732 Sapper Sarangapani Q.O. Mad. S. & M. (Queen's Own Madras Sappers & Miners). Appears to be officially renamed or corrected. £245
1882 Khedive Star 1882 Khedive Star Medal £95
Iraq War Medal 2003 2003 Iraq Medal No Clasp to LCPL Royal Logistics Corps £140
MINESWEEPING 1945-51 Medal George VI Naval General Service Medal with MINESWEEPING 1945-51 clasp to LT/KX. 724206 F.R. TAYLOR. STO. R.N. £250
George VI Air Efficiency Award George VI Second Type Air Efficiency Award to FG. OFF. B.J.N. BELTON. R.A.F.V.R. £220
Air Operations Iraq Medal  QEII General Service Medal Golden Jubilee Pair AIR OPERATIONS IRAQ to SAC R A STUART (P8429076) RAF SOLD
  Royal Engineers Northern Ireland Medal Pair QEII Campaign Service Medal NORTHERN IRELAND + LSGC Pair & Miniatures to 24184820 SSGT D JONES RE (Royal Engineers) £195
GSM Medal Pair Malaya South Arabia QEII General Service Medal Pair, MALAYA and SOUTH ARABIA to 22951991 PTE.A. COPLEY. R.E.M.E. and L/CPL ACC. With British Seaman's Official ID documents x 2. £220
Suez GSM Medal Pair QEII General Service Medal CANAL ZONE clasp + National Service Medal mounted pair named to 22427613 CPL H J DAVIES ACC (Army Catering Corps) £165
George VI Malaya GSM to RAMC George VI General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 22171712 PTE. E. JONES. RAMC. (Royal Army Medical Corps). With Original box and portrait. £100
Palestine 1945-48 Medal Royal Signals George VI General Service Medal, PALESTINE 1945-48 bar to T/14785526 DVR J KIRBY RASC (Royal Army Service Corps) £75
Palestine 1945-48 Medal Royal Signals George VI General Service Medal, PALESTINE 1945-48 bar to 19142943 CPL. D. LORD. R.SIGS (Royal Signals) £75
Malaya GSM Medal QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 23363342 PTE. T.G. MUNDY. S.W.B. (South Wales Borderers) £95
Cyprus GSM QEII General Service Medal, CYPRUS bar to 23165100 CFN. T.C. MOISEY. R.E.M.E. £85
Malaya GSM LAC E.G. MORLEY  QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 2722929 L.A.C. E.G. MORLEY. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £70
Malaya GSM  QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 4101098 L.A.C. D.O. WOOD. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £70
QEII Malaya GSM to RAF QEII General Service Medal, MALAYA bar to 585709 ACT.CPL. D.J. BROWN. R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) £70
Northern Ireland GSM QEII Campaign Service Medal, NORTHERN IRELAND bar to Royal Artillery £85
Kenya Africa Service Medal QEII Africa Service Medal with KENYA clasp to T.P.R. MUTURI. KANYI. £95
George VI Territorial Militia Medal George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal with MILITIA clasp to 2324680 CPL. J. IRVING. R. SIGNALS. (Royal Signals) £90
Territorial Efficiency Medal George VI George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal to 6203703. CPL. J.C.F. LAWRENCE. MX. £75
Territorial Efficiency Medal George VI George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal to 5183861 BDR. P.G. OSBORNE. R.A. (Royal Artillery) £50
Army LSGC to RASC  QEII Army LSGC to T/84 0567 SGT. G.F. SPRAGGON. R.A.S.C. (Royal Army Service Corps) £70 
1953 Boxed Coronation Medal 1953 Coronation Medal in Original Box £85
UK National Service Medal National Service Commemorative Medal, named to 240927 LAC FROST CAE. 1947-1950 RAF. £25
National Service Medal Cased with Miniature National Service Commemorative Medal + Miniature and Case, named to 2753191 SAC W.T. DAVIES  RAF. £30
Victoria Cross Copy Medal  Victoria Cross Museum Quality Copy £25

Please ask for additional pictures or information. All medals for sale are one-offs so please check for availability. Orders over £50 are sent by Special Delivery (£8.00) / International Signed For (£10). Lower priced items are sent First Class Recorded (£4.00) or First Class if under £25 (£2.75). Overseas rates on request.

We accept payment by UK cheque, bank transfer or cash (all main currencies).

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